What is Confidence?

Last Friday on my Give Yourself Power Blog Talk Radio Show my guest Fiona Bain spoke about having confidence vs being arrogance when in the process of transiting from the military and how you can tell if you are. She spoke about an article from TheLadders.com, and I wanted to share that article, 10 Ways to Tell if You’re Confident or Arrogant, with you on todays blog – http://tinyurl.com/6r8n7e5.

If you missed her show you can listen to it by clicking the “3 Valuable Tips for Transitioning Military” on Blog Talk Radio show box on the right of this page.

I’ve also added an eye opener 13:21 minute Tedx Talks video for your viewing. I know you will find it informative and helpful concerning The Skill of Self Confidence with Dr. Ivan Joseph – Tedx Talks Confidence.