Creating Your Solo-Biz Vision

On June 11, 2014 I interviewed Fiona Bain of Fiona Bain Consulting on how to create your solo-business plan on the Give Yourself Power Blog Talk Radio (BTR) show. You can listen to the replay episode or by listening and downloading the podcast

Creating YOUR plan is vital to YOUR success. We all require some form of road map to get us from point A to Z and it’s very hard to get to Z without guidance and direction.

I believe in the power of writing things down. It’s a lesson I’ve learned from my business mentors and coaches and through the hard knocks of not doing it on a consist bases. A plan without vision is useless, but even more powerful is a vision without a written out plan can cause you to reach your goals more slowly than with one.

It’s a part of the process that can help you get started, keep you on track and assist you to reach your end results.

Both Fiona and myself offers a free download to help you with this process.

Want to learn more about this vital piece of the puzzle, then listen to the reply by clicking here or here


Young Entrepreneur 2

I haven’t had an opportunity to read any entrepreneurial/business books this month, been busy reading/studying some spiritual books to improve my own life and for a wonderful Bible class I’m taking at my church :). So replacing this month’s BOM with a weekly blog. Found another precocious, but successful young entrepreneur on Yahoo Finance. What caught my attention with this young entrepreneur is that he’s created a business from what most would consider to be an old fashion style. I so love that this young man followed his on creative style and not let anyone distract him from it. Just like Maya Penn in my last blog on April 22, 2014 entitled, Young Entrepreneur, this young man has created a profitable business from his desire and passion. Remember you’re NEVER too YOUNG or too OLD to create YOUR own business from your desires, passions, and love. Because It’s about Your Dreams…Your Passion….Your Life!! Watch and read Moziah’s story by clicking Moziah’s Encouraging Story about Entrepreneurship. Action Step »» After watching write out what business(s) you want to create from your desires and passions. Be Inspired

Young Entrepreneur

For those that have been following me any length of time you know how much I’m passionate about entrepreneurship. With that said, I found this TEDTalk about a young entrepreneur that I wanted to share with you that I know you will find this 7 minute video encouraging, motivating, powerful, and worth the time to watch as I did.

If you’ve been fighting your desire to start/create your own business or if you feel it’s not possible then view 11 year Maya Penn talk about her desires and passion and how she create her own business from them both! Click link to view  Maya Penn: Meet a young entrepreneur, cartoonist, designer, activist.

Action StepAfter watching write out what business(s) you want to create from your desires and passions.