Struggling in your Business Part 2

Now that I’ve gotten your attention with the video here’s more information to bring what I’m saying into a more concrete thought.

In staying true to yourself you have to be authentic and in order to be authentic you have to know what YOUR core values are. If you don’t know what your core values are and what is important to you then it’s going to be hard to be authentic. If a person that you are following online, receiving their newsletters, etc, is not sounding true to you then you don’t need to be following them or their message .

Even it you’re not sure what it is that will fit into your business model,  If it doesn’t feel right then it’s not the message for you and that’s one of the ways you can stay true to yourself in your business.

Struggling to make someone else’s message fit your plan doesn’t work and it’s not real. Take information from other people, but make it yours by speaking in your own voice and staying true to your values. Otherwise you run the risk of compromising your values and losing your authentic voices in the process. Speak in your voice, stay true to you, allow yourself to stay authentic without having to apologize for it.

I stay authentic and true to myself by “Keeping It Simple and Keeping It Real” and not everybody agree with or understand that, but those who understand and agree with my motto they’re my followers, they are the ones that go, “hey she’s talking to me.” So stay open, stay authentic, stay true to who you are. Don’t only stay true to who you are, but stay true to your values and there is nothing wrong with your values!!

Not everyone will be part of your Tribe and that’s OK. If you find that you’re defending your values or apologizing for them to someone, they’re probably never going to be part of your Tribe. Don’t waste your time and energy trying to craft messages and material for them or you’ll constantly be struggling. Focus on the people who “get you” because those people ARE your Tribe and don’t worry about the rest. There’s room for everyone and when you stay true to your values and your message, your tribe will find you

Keep It Simple, Keep It Real!