Solo-Entrepreneurs Business Struggles Intro

At the end of 2015 as I was doing my end of year business assessment I realized that I struggled in my business more than succeeding. I didn’t like the feelings and array of emotions I dealt with and was truly on the verge of giving up, throwing up my hands, and saying forget this. But I realized that struggles will happening and it’s how I deal with those struggles and what actions I take to ease those struggles.

Below is a video I did dealing with this subject and I will be doing a series of videos on this subject that will help those of us that are solo-entrepreneurs to get through this process and make 2016 a better year for us all.

Now that you’ve watched the video, I would appreciate a list of struggles you’ve experienced or is experiencing in your solo-entrepreneur business as to address them in the following video series, input your comments below


Accountability Brings Me to My Center

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For those that are already GYP followers you know I’ve been talking about and have been in the process of making a change and shift in my business model. I don’t believe I would have had the courage to do it without my Accountable Partner (AP), Bonnie Pond.

Making changes, being honest with yourself and to your business is not always easy to do, due to so many questions that arises and the many different directions you can go and as solo-entrepreneurs we can definitely find those different paths to go down :).

What made me chose the new direction of accountability is I finally found the true understanding, meaning and importance of accountability for my own home based business AND I realized that as women solo-entrepreneurs we need this crucial piece especially in our home based business lives. I’ve learned we’re good at having accountability for all the other parts of our lives, but when we decided to go into business for ourselves we didn’t think about needing this piece and if we did think about it we didn’t understand what this piece look like and how to go about putting it into practice.

With that said, this is what made me make this business shift along with knowing that I want to produce more in my business for this upcoming year and help other women solo-entrepreneurs do the same. I’ll be spending the rest of this year making this transition and honing in on my center :).
dart board2 image While in the process of this transition, Bonnie and myself have started doing the Accountability Teleseminar Series. If you are interested in hearing the replays and/or want to be apart of our lives shows please email me at Put in the subject line: “accountability teleseminar sign up” and I’ll be happy to send you the next link to join us on our next 30 minutes show that will be Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 12pm CST.

I look forward to continuing connecting with those that are my followers, connecting and possible working with others in the near future.

Accountability Keeps You Focus


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One of the things that I’ve learned about having an Accountable Partner (AP) is that it keeps you focus and on track!  As women entrepreneurs (not all) we tend to be all over the place sometimes due to trying to create income from our businesses so we find ourselves trying out the next new shinny idea and object that appear to be the next new BIG idea that creates income.

When you set a goal with your AP you’ll find yourself not straying as much as when you depend on just yourself to make decisions and choices to create income from you love. You will stay on track because you’ll have to answer to someone else as to why you’re making the changes you are making and if that is worth doing.

I, like you, have found myself guilty of doing that especially when I haven’t had someone to answer to or give updates on my status. I’ve learned that I’m all over the place…my mind is full of so many ideas and when I try to put them in some symbolist of order. I’ve been inclined to try something new that I saw or heard about and/or I find myself doing nothing at all because I’m a little lost as to which direction to take.


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I find it amazing that when I brainstorm and talk with my AP that I’m able to see clearly, arrive at crucial decisions, able to put into place those ideas more quickly than if I attempted to figure things out by myself, and help to bring me to my center. I can help others with their visions and ideas, but I find myself not being able to help myself at times. This doesn’t mean that I’m scattered or incapable of making positive decisions, it just means that I find myself too close to what it is I want to do that I either cannot think outside of what I’ve set in motion, I want to abandon what I was doing because it wasn’t going as fast as I thought it should go, or creating the income fast enough. So I want to move on to the next new shinny idea and not complete the one I was working on.

Here are three things I would suggest you do if you find yourself feeling this way or in this position:

  1. Start searching for a quality and dependable AP
  2. Be committed to being open and honest with your AP
  3. Be determined and consistent that you will do what you set out to do

To listen to the replay of the FREE 30 minutes Accountability Means Money in Your Pocket teleseminar with myself and AP Bonnie Pond