Have YOU done a Heart Check Lately?

I know you’re thinking what does being healthy have to do with transiting from cubical to entrepreneurship and why am I writing about it.

Being healthy means that you will be better producer of the work you put out for your business and able to keep focus on the tasks in front of you. As you make the transition I want to encourage you to start now getting in the habit of taken care of yourself, because as an solo or work from home entrepreneur you’ll need your strength and health. Also I know that as you transition from your job-job health insurance is one of those big concerns.

If you get into and/or start focusing on being healthier then the less you have to worry about using your health insurance and less you have to worry about spending money to go to the doctors more than your yearly evaluation.

So my question to you is have you done a heart check lately? I want to know if you’ve listen to your heart, heard what it had to say and followed the directions given. Our hearts speaks to us both good and bad. It will let us know when something is good and not so good. Our heart is a wonderful and powerfully strong muscle that allows us to keep going!
Heart image

We have to keep a healthy and strong heart to keep moving forward and living a long and healthy life in order to serve those who are our target market.

I had a dear friend recently put in the hospital for congestive heart failure…Young and a Woman! I know February was Women Heart Month, but I’m highlighting the importance of it now as March is GYP’s Entrepreneur Health Month.

Even if you’re still working your job-job you can start now practicing the following 3 techniques so that you’ll be in the habit of doing them when you transition to entrepreneurship.

1. Take a 5-10 minute break every hour to hour and half. Even when we are in at a conference or workshop every hour you get a 5-10 minute break. Why not while you’re working at home? timer image During the 5-10 minutes you can, for those that believe in the power of prayer, pray, meditate, stretch, etc.




2. Exercise….Exercise….Exercise. Get moving! exercise2 imageIf you have an hour lunch break take 30 minutes to walk if you only get 30 minutes take a 15 minute walk and STOP eating lunch at your work space or desk. Move away from the area NOW!

lunch3 image3. Once a week if you don’t already have something scheduled into your week….go to lunch with a friend….take a 2 hour lunch break whose going to stop you? You’re the boss :)! For those of you who work a job-job, I would encourage you to take time out of your busy week to have dinner with friends.

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