Struggling in Your Business Part 6


My Accountability Partner, Bonnie Pond at sent this article to me knowing that I was doing this series on struggling in your business and I wanted to share it with you. The blog is by Jenn Aubert for Showcasing Women titled 11 Things to Stop Struggling Against Your Business. This article touch on some things I’ve touched on in my previous blogs but with a different view. I wanted to wrap up this series with these great tips, because, I found they helped me with a couple of things I was struggling with in my own business and I realized that I’m just going to have to get over it, accept them, and to just work through them :-). 

Enjoy! – 11 Things to Stop Struggling Against Your Business

After reading which of the 11 is your biggest struggle? Comments appreciate below. With my motto of Keep It Simple….Keep It Real. I have to admit the one I struggle with the most is #1 – Social Media. I understand that it’s not going anywhere and it’s here to stay so I need to accept and embrace it and find a way to make it work better for me :-D.

Keep It Simple…Keep It Real

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Struggling in Your Business Part 5

taken from

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Every business has its struggling season, but as solo-entrepreneurs the struggling season appears to be more difficult and more often than most, because we are the be all in our company/businesses! 

Stop focusing on the struggle and focus on what it is you want to accomplish. I know this is easier said than done and I know you’re probably saying – this woman must be crazy if she thinks I can do that.

Here are 3 tips on how to accomplish this goal:

  1. List what you want your end goal to be and why?
  2. List what it is that you can do right now to help achieve that goal
  3. Now take one action a day to help you reach that goal.

Yes I know you thought it was going to be mind blowing or rocket science, but it’s not. The best thing is to Keep It Simple Silly (KISS). This is what I have to tell myself ALL the time when I get out of balance and want to give up.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Real!

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