Wow it’s been quite some time since I’ve sent out a post and that’s because I’ve been working revamping my business model. Now that I’ve gotten the new direction set You’ll be seeing more post from me in the future :). This blog is a small introduction to the new business model and direction I’ll be going in. Be on the look out for more information as I’m putting it all together throughout the upcoming holiday season. By the beginning of the 2015 year I’ll be ready to go full throttle…Yippeeee :)!!

What is accountability? It’s when you have someone on your side that will hold you accountable for the things you want to accomplish in life and your entrepreneurial/business goals. It’s that person that will support, encourages, and hold your feet to the free while you work to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Merriam Webster Online Dictionary says accountability is “the quality or state of being accountable; especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions”

If you notice it says “an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions”….YIKES! Are you willing to accept account for your actions? Not consistently blaming others and the circumstances in your life? But being willing to “accept responsibility or to account for your own actions?”  accountability blog pic4This is not always easy and you can find yourself being lazy in this department when it’s just yourself you have to answer to. But when there is someone else you have to answer to you’ll find yourself going over and above to accomplish what you set out to do, because you don’t want to come to the table not having done what you said you would do and having all types of excuses as to why you didn’t.

I found when I finally added an Accountability Partner to my business core, I’m achieving more, find clarity, feel better about what I’m doing, and last, but not least, I’m more motivated to get done what I’ve set to get done without too much procrastination :).

If you want to understand more about accountability and how it can mean money in your pocket. Join Bonnie Pond and myself for a FREE 30 minute tele-seminar on Thursday evening, November 13, 2014 at 7:00PM CST by clicking the following link

We both understand that you are busy so this will be a meat and potatoes teleseminar…no fluff and no big sale pitch. Give us 30 minutes of your valuable time and we’ll give you proven strategies to help you understand the value of accountability. Tips, tricks, and action steps to get you moving, moving again, or keep you moving towards reaching your goals. Again it’s FREE and no strings attached. If you’re interested the link to sign in is  on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 7:00-7:30PM CST. If you want to call in vs signing in online the call in number is (712) 775-7031 and meeting ID is 881718971 follow with the # sign.

If you can’t join us on the call, but have questions about understanding accountability and how it can get you back on track or blasting through those excuses you make in order to create the business and life you want, just email them to either me – or bonnie – If you want to receive the replay link in order to listen to later email your email address to either one of us with Accountability Means Money in My Pocket as the subject and ask for the replay link.




Young Entrepreneur 2

I haven’t had an opportunity to read any entrepreneurial/business books this month, been busy reading/studying some spiritual books to improve my own life and for a wonderful Bible class I’m taking at my church :). So replacing this month’s BOM with a weekly blog. Found another precocious, but successful young entrepreneur on Yahoo Finance. What caught my attention with this young entrepreneur is that he’s created a business from what most would consider to be an old fashion style. I so love that this young man followed his on creative style and not let anyone distract him from it. Just like Maya Penn in my last blog on April 22, 2014 entitled, Young Entrepreneur, this young man has created a profitable business from his desire and passion. Remember you’re NEVER too YOUNG or too OLD to create YOUR own business from your desires, passions, and love. Because It’s about Your Dreams…Your Passion….Your Life!! Watch and read Moziah’s story by clicking Moziah’s Encouraging Story about Entrepreneurship. Action Step »» After watching write out what business(s) you want to create from your desires and passions. Be Inspired

What is Confidence?

Last Friday on my Give Yourself Power Blog Talk Radio Show my guest Fiona Bain spoke about having confidence vs being arrogance when in the process of transiting from the military and how you can tell if you are. She spoke about an article from, and I wanted to share that article, 10 Ways to Tell if You’re Confident or Arrogant, with you on todays blog –

If you missed her show you can listen to it by clicking the “3 Valuable Tips for Transitioning Military” on Blog Talk Radio show box on the right of this page.

I’ve also added an eye opener 13:21 minute Tedx Talks video for your viewing. I know you will find it informative and helpful concerning The Skill of Self Confidence with Dr. Ivan Joseph – Tedx Talks Confidence.



Creating Multiple Streams of Income

Barbara Gertman’s kindle e-book, Creating Multiple Streams of Income, Opening the Gateway to Automatic Riches, deals with a lot of valuable information and tools that can give those who want to create their own home based business and become an entrepreneur. It’s give some great step by step directions on how to create multiple income streams which is one of my favorite form of guiding and helping my clients to use as a way to make income.


Barbara gives you the understanding of multiple streams of income, how to use that information to create a profitable business through this form and provides you with everything you need to take action immediately if you’re ready. She gives you some marketing tips along with some other resources that will support your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

You won’t be disappointed in purchasing Barbara’s book and putting the information she provides into action to create the life you want to live.

 It’s about Your Dreams…Your Passion…Your Life!

Disabled Vets Succeeding as Civilians

The following 12 minutes video on 60 minutes, shows how Air Force veteran Mike Haynie created a course to teach vets how to launch their own businesses.

Not able to attend one of the courses or not a vet, but still want to launch your own business from work that you love and not sure where to start? Contact me for YOUR “Free” 30 minutes strategy session to find out how I can help you achieve your goal.

Interested in supporting our military personnel, their families, or veterans? Below are a few places you can consider:Military

Joining Forces
Operation Home Front
Blue Star Moms

Please make sure you do your due diligent and research any and all organizations you are interested in donating money to.

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