Are You Ready to….Get Up, Dress Up, and Show Up??

Last week’s blog “Just Start” –, I shared a powerful quote about getting started. This week I want to share a video by my accountability partner (AP) and friend Bonnie Pond, the author of, The Power of Three: How to Be Happy and Get What You Want in Life (Without Doing Anything Illegal, Immoral,or Unethical),” about getting up, dressing up, and showing up and the importance of that in your life. This is also important for you as this year ends and to help make next year a better year in your life as well as with your business.

All of us want to be more successful next year than we were this year, we want the best out of our lives and for our businesses as well as generate more income for our businesses. So for next year I want you to be prepared to Get Up, Dress Up, and Show Up for your business especially if you work from home. This will help you to treat your home based business as the business it is instead of turning it into a hobby.

Bonnie’s wesite is – There you can read more about her and connect with her via Social Media.


Just Start


STARTWhat happens if you decide not to “Start Now?” Which of the three if not all three of the following is stopping you from Starting…FEAR…PAIN…DOUBT? If you don’t start somewhere…sometime…then you won’t do or achieve anything that you want to do and achieve!

There are a lot of individuals waiting on you to start, because they’re in desperate need to hear what you have to say and have what you have to offer in order to become the best that they can become. YOUR voice just might be the voice they need to hear from because you can reach them on the level they need to reached. BUT if you don’t at least “Start” then you’ll never know how far you can go, how many lives you can/will change, and/or what a major success you can/will become.

This is one of the many reasons why having an Accountability Partner is important to have in your entrepreneurial life whether you’re sitting on the sidelines trying to figured out where to start, have already started and now stuck, or you feel like you’ve gone as far as you feel you can go and no one wants to hear what you have to say.

If any of the above is where you are including not have started yet, then you want to be on the Accountability teleseminar call with myself the Accountability Queen to Entrepreneur Women and Bonnie Pond the Bahooda Kicker for Women who want more out of Life as we discuss “End Your Business Struggles with Accountability” on this Thursday at 12pm CST by clicking the following link – I look forward to having you join us on our FREE 30 minute call!

If you have any questions ahead of time about Accountability or Accountability Partners please email either myself or Bonnie at and we’ll be happy to answer those questions on our call during the Q&A time.

Accountability Brings Me to My Center

dart board image

For those that are already GYP followers you know I’ve been talking about and have been in the process of making a change and shift in my business model. I don’t believe I would have had the courage to do it without my Accountable Partner (AP), Bonnie Pond.

Making changes, being honest with yourself and to your business is not always easy to do, due to so many questions that arises and the many different directions you can go and as solo-entrepreneurs we can definitely find those different paths to go down :).

What made me chose the new direction of accountability is I finally found the true understanding, meaning and importance of accountability for my own home based business AND I realized that as women solo-entrepreneurs we need this crucial piece especially in our home based business lives. I’ve learned we’re good at having accountability for all the other parts of our lives, but when we decided to go into business for ourselves we didn’t think about needing this piece and if we did think about it we didn’t understand what this piece look like and how to go about putting it into practice.

With that said, this is what made me make this business shift along with knowing that I want to produce more in my business for this upcoming year and help other women solo-entrepreneurs do the same. I’ll be spending the rest of this year making this transition and honing in on my center :).
dart board2 image While in the process of this transition, Bonnie and myself have started doing the Accountability Teleseminar Series. If you are interested in hearing the replays and/or want to be apart of our lives shows please email me at Put in the subject line: “accountability teleseminar sign up” and I’ll be happy to send you the next link to join us on our next 30 minutes show that will be Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 12pm CST.

I look forward to continuing connecting with those that are my followers, connecting and possible working with others in the near future.

Growing Broke?

I was talking with an air and heating contractor one day and he said something that really caught my attention. He said when he created and started his 1st business that he “grew himself into debt.”

Found this a powerful and interesting statement.

My take on this is that in some businesses, they can grow too fast, which in turn can cause them to grow into debt or grow broke.

Broke imageWhen you are planning stages on creating your entrepreneurial business(s) factor in growth and what that will look like for you and what steps you’ll need to take to handle that growth. Factor in the fact that it is possible to grow into debt or grow broke if you are not prepared for that aspect of your business.

3 Steps to consider for growth:

  • Do you have the infrastructure if needed and if not what is required to make that happen?
  • How many employees if any will be required if any and where are places you can find your additional help?
  • Will you have enough funds to support your growth? If not where and how to obtain what will be required?

Remember this does not have to be some in-depth business plan, but it’s important that you type/write it out in order to to have available as a reference and be better prepared for the changes when they begin to happen.

Young Entrepreneur 2

I haven’t had an opportunity to read any entrepreneurial/business books this month, been busy reading/studying some spiritual books to improve my own life and for a wonderful Bible class I’m taking at my church :). So replacing this month’s BOM with a weekly blog. Found another precocious, but successful young entrepreneur on Yahoo Finance. What caught my attention with this young entrepreneur is that he’s created a business from what most would consider to be an old fashion style. I so love that this young man followed his on creative style and not let anyone distract him from it. Just like Maya Penn in my last blog on April 22, 2014 entitled, Young Entrepreneur, this young man has created a profitable business from his desire and passion. Remember you’re NEVER too YOUNG or too OLD to create YOUR own business from your desires, passions, and love. Because It’s about Your Dreams…Your Passion….Your Life!! Watch and read Moziah’s story by clicking Moziah’s Encouraging Story about Entrepreneurship. Action Step »» After watching write out what business(s) you want to create from your desires and passions. Be Inspired