Struggling In Your Business Part 4

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Taking Your Vacation to keep Healthy

This is a continuation of my Blog Talk Radio show interview with Shirley Rushing of  Rushing Travel Agent – I had scheduled to do this as my “I’ve Been Thinking” show, but didn’t get the opportunity to get the show taped so making the final blog in the “keeping healthy as an entrepreneur” series. We discussed the importance of travel as a way of staying healthy. I want to add a couple of suggestions that we didn’t highlight during the show.

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Think about doing a “Staycation” as another way to keep the expense down, but still be able to have a vacation. Remember a few years ago starting in 2007 when the staycation first began as a way for families to enjoy traveling, but stay closer to home in order to save money? I would like to encourage you to continue that trend if you find yourself not able to take a long and/or expensive vacation.

Wikipedia define a staycation (stay at home and vacation) as a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance, sleeping in their own beds at night.

The following are some ideas I have for staying at home and vacation.

1. Spend the weekend at one of the local nice hotels that you’ve always wanted to check out, but haven’t done it because you’re always vacating away. If you have kids make sure it has a swimming pool and they can totally enjoy themselves. There are quite a few hotels that have indoor water parks now and most of them are included in the price of the hotel without you having to pay an additional cost.

2. Do a day trip. Here in Oklahoma we have the famous route 66 that we locals can travel along and enjoy some fascinating route 66 imagehistory and places to see. What do you have in your state or city that you could enjoy?

3. Most cities now offers “Music in the Park” and most of the time this is a free activity and totally fun. Do a Google search and see what your city has to offer along these line.

4. Another thing most cities are starting to offer is “Movies in the Park.” As with the music in the park it is free and you can bring your own food even if they provide the option to purchase something.

5. how about having a good ole fashion “family and friend game night?”

6. In the world of DVRs all the major companies now offer movies for the price of a specialty coffee/latte that you can movie projector imagewatch from the comfort of your home. Create your own movie night by popping your own popcorn, buy movie size candy bars, etc. The best part about this is you can pause to take that much needed personal break without missing anything and having to ask what happen while you were gone. Plus you don’t have to worry about anyone kicking the back of your seat :).

7. Last, but definitely not least you could do a history staycation. I know…I know…you think I’m crazy for suggesting this, but for those that are history buffs and even those of us that are not, this could be a treasure full of information and interest. For those that have kids, they could kill two birds in one, by learning something new and fun and have information for that paper that they will have to write for school one day :).

A Peaceful Mind

For today’s blog I’m going to highlight an excerpt from this month’s BOM that discusses A Peaceful Mind and how it can generate power. As I continue the focus on keeping healthy as an entrepreneur, I will give you one of the advice use in the book “The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.”

In chapter 2 Norman Vincent Peale writes, “A primary method for gaining a mind full of peace is to practice emptying the mind. At least twice a day, empty your mind of fears, hates, insecurities, regrets, and guilt feelings. To prevent unhappy thoughts from sneaking in again, immediately fill your mind with creative and healthy thoughts.” I also learned this lesson from one of my business mentors, Allison Phillips of Allison use to tell me whenever I found myself thinking unhealthy thoughts to IMMEDIATELY counteract it with a positive thought(s) and SPEAK IT OUT LOUD. You may feel silly, but you will power through the negative thought(s) and feeling(s).

Dr. Peale continues by writing “at intervals during the day practice thinking a carefully selected series of peaceful thoughts. Let mental pictures of the most peaceful scenes you have ever witnessed pass across your mind, as, for example, the silvery light of the moon falling upon rippling waters, or the sea gently upon soft shores of sand. Such peaceful thought images will work upon your mind as a healing medicine.”

You’ll also find this as a great way to keep yourself from having doubts about your business if you counteract the, as Bonnie Pond of would say, “stinky thinking” with some positive thinking! We all will experience some of the feelings above at some point or another during our lives and business, but if we get in the habit of replacing those thoughts and feelings with positive thinking we will find all will run even more smoothly in business as well as in our lives.

What is your mental picture?

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Have YOU done a Heart Check Lately?

I know you’re thinking what does being healthy have to do with transiting from cubical to entrepreneurship and why am I writing about it.

Being healthy means that you will be better producer of the work you put out for your business and able to keep focus on the tasks in front of you. As you make the transition I want to encourage you to start now getting in the habit of taken care of yourself, because as an solo or work from home entrepreneur you’ll need your strength and health. Also I know that as you transition from your job-job health insurance is one of those big concerns.

If you get into and/or start focusing on being healthier then the less you have to worry about using your health insurance and less you have to worry about spending money to go to the doctors more than your yearly evaluation.

So my question to you is have you done a heart check lately? I want to know if you’ve listen to your heart, heard what it had to say and followed the directions given. Our hearts speaks to us both good and bad. It will let us know when something is good and not so good. Our heart is a wonderful and powerfully strong muscle that allows us to keep going!
Heart image

We have to keep a healthy and strong heart to keep moving forward and living a long and healthy life in order to serve those who are our target market.

I had a dear friend recently put in the hospital for congestive heart failure…Young and a Woman! I know February was Women Heart Month, but I’m highlighting the importance of it now as March is GYP’s Entrepreneur Health Month.

Even if you’re still working your job-job you can start now practicing the following 3 techniques so that you’ll be in the habit of doing them when you transition to entrepreneurship.

1. Take a 5-10 minute break every hour to hour and half. Even when we are in at a conference or workshop every hour you get a 5-10 minute break. Why not while you’re working at home? timer image During the 5-10 minutes you can, for those that believe in the power of prayer, pray, meditate, stretch, etc.




2. Exercise….Exercise….Exercise. Get moving! exercise2 imageIf you have an hour lunch break take 30 minutes to walk if you only get 30 minutes take a 15 minute walk and STOP eating lunch at your work space or desk. Move away from the area NOW!

lunch3 image3. Once a week if you don’t already have something scheduled into your week….go to lunch with a friend….take a 2 hour lunch break whose going to stop you? You’re the boss :)! For those of you who work a job-job, I would encourage you to take time out of your busy week to have dinner with friends.

The Power of Positive Thinking


March for Give Yourself Power will be the month to focus on the importance of keeping healthy as an entrepreneur, in particular if you work from home.

The BOM I’m highlighting is by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale titled The Power of Positive Thinking. As a solo-entrepreneur that works from home I sometimes forget to take the necessary and needed breaks throughout the day to relive the stressors, keep my exercising up, eat on a regular schedule or make sure that I take better care of self.

You will find in The Power of Positive Thinking that Dr. Peale give some great, useful, simple information and practical steps and suggestions you can put into practice immediately on how to better yourself, your business, and your life which will allow for a healthier and more powerful YOU!

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