About Karen Heck & Give Yourself Power

Given six months to live, and put on disability, Karen’s determination and faith overcame the prognosis. She then recognized that she needed to do something to take care of herself and find a business that would fulfill her.

Karen Washington Heck

“I was in the United States Air Force and going to school to receive my Master’s degree when I realized that I wanted to work for myself. I truly enjoyed my Air Force career, but I recognized that independence, trust, and being able to work without someone looking over my shoulder were very important to me.

 Once I retired from the military, I knew I wanted to do something all my own. I looked into a wide variety of businesses and franchises. What I found was that most of the businesses were not legitimate and the franchises were too expensive. I knew the only way to have the life I wanted was to work for myself. I didn’t want to waste my time on things I didn’t desire to do, but in the meantime I had bills to pay and commitments to take care of. So I plodded along, continuing to work for others, all the while knowing in my spirit that this was not for me.

 Then, I had a life-altering crisis. I was told I had six months to live and put on disability. Once I outlived the six months and realized that I needed to start planning to live again, I had to decide what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I knew going back to the “job-job” world wasn’t for me. In that six months of hanging in life-or-death limbo, I realized I deserved to do something that would allow me to take care of myself and love what I do.

 So I set out to discover my true purpose in life and find a business that fulfilled it.

 This led me to many types of home-based businesses. But one thing kept cropping up… People kept telling me that I would make a wonderful counselor or teacher. So I looked into becoming a career coach.

 This search brought me to Valerie Young’s Changing karen-w-heck-pngCourse website, which provided me with the tools, encouragement, and direction I required to create a business that fit who I am instead of trying to mold myself to someone else’s business idea.

 Of course, stepping out into this new territory brought the typical fears and doubts that lots of people feel when they are making big changes. But my desire for a flexible, mobile livelihood that fit my schedule and lifestyle was far greater than my fears and doubts.”


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