As women and solo-entrepreneurs I know and understand the difficulties of dealing with lack of motivation and the drive to overcome those things that can cause you to stay in a place of non-productiveness due to lackluster motivation. You have to dig deep sometimes to allow yourself to rise above this dream and time killer in your business in order to keep yourself focus, uplifted, and productive.

To work through this you have to sometimes take baby steps and like an author, you have to take some form of action every day in order to move past it. In my upcoming book, I deal with some Motivation Stoppers that impede you from being productive, successful, taking action, and different ways to overcome them and take the journey within to get to the place you desire to be in. You’ll find in this book techniques and strategies that will allow you as a woman to start back loving this life you get to live, bring you back to the place of loving the business you create and enjoy working in it again.

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karen-w-heck-pngKaren’s Story: Given six months to live, Karen was put on disability and faced a death sentence. Forced to cope with her worst fears, she recognized her need to make changes; first, she had to begin taking care of herself and to start anew. Not knowing what the future held, she had a transformation and during that process, Karen found a burning desire to formulate her passion, Give Yourself Power.  Little did she know it would not only CHANGE her life, but it would PROLONG her life!  Hard work, determination, joy, and strong faith helped Karen to overcome her medical prognosis.   Learn more about her incredible story!


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