karen-w-heck-pngKaren Marie Heck is a published author, highly skilled speaker, and Legal Shield Associate. She speaks to women solo-entrepreneurs 40 years and over that want to make a change in their lives through Redefining (One’s Purpose and Direction in Life, Refining (Goals, Obstacles and Mission), Re-focusing (Energies and Vision); and Revealing (The Direct Path to Discovery and Success) through her books, speaking, blogs, and webinars.

As a solo-entrepreneur herself, Karen knows and understands the importance of protecting you, your family, and your business, by offering truly affordable legal protection through Legal Shield. She helps her clients obtain clarity and success by encouraging them to put into place her cutting-edge technique known as “DAPS,” which consists of the formula Dream, Act, Persist, and Succeed“!

As a Military Veteran, Karen take immense pride in everything she has done and does; specifically through her writing, speaking, and proving a much needed service of affordable legal protection.

Karen’s Story: Given six months to live, Karen was put on disability and faced a death sentence. Forced to cope with her worst fears, she recognized her needed to make changes; first, she had to begin taking care of herself and to start anew. Not knowing what the future held, she had a transformation and during that process, Karen found a burning desire to formulate her passion, Give Yourself Power.  Little did she know it would not only CHANGE her life, but it would PROLONG her life!  Hard work, determination, joy and strong faith helped Karen to overcome her medical prognosis.   Learn more about her incredible story!

Karen is committed to helping you take action so that you can:

  • Redefine (One’s Purpose and Direction in Life);
  • Refine (Goals, Obstacles and Mission);
  • Re-focus (Energies and Vision); and
  • Reveal (The Direct Path to Discovery and Success)!

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